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David Crittenden
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Blues in E-flat in 3 Layers 

You'll see that the guitar contains a bass part, a "piano part" (chords), and percussion (backbeat) all in one instrument. Challenging and lots of fun!

This approach to playing is illustrated by Tuck Andress in his video ("Fingerboard Mastery") and in an article for "Guitar Player" magazine (from way back in 1988).

Check out Tuck's playing when you have a chance. You won't be sorry

Nothing Compares 2 U  (Jayanthi Kyle-vocalist, David Crittenden-guitarist)

This film was created at SPNN in Saint Paul, MN.
It was produced by Bianca Rhodes
with Amelia Silbert and Steve Brunsberg assisting.

Also watch it at vimeo

excerpt from "St. Anne's Reel" and "Musical Priest" 
(Christopher Becknell-fiddle, David Crittenden-guitarist)

excerpt from "Si Bheag, Si Mhor" (Sheebeg and Sheemore) 
(Christopher Becknell-fiddle, David Crittenden-guitarist)

Fire and Rain  (arranged for solo guitar)

Also watch it at vimeo

Dust in the Wind  (arranged for solo guitar)

Dust in the Wind
a tutorial for playing melody and chords together

Also watch it at vimeo


Between Two Places (from Two Nocturnes)

Carousel (from Perennials)

At Water's Edge (from Perennials)

Winterscape (from Perennials)

Greensleeves (What Child is This) arranged by David Crittenden